Do you have a business idea or want to scale up existing and lack technical skills to realize it, we can help you! At our Techhub in Helsingborg you get access to over 30 experts in a variety of technologies and with solid experience that will take your idea to the next level!

What do you get help with?

At the Techhub we help you to make your idea a reality or scale up one. It can be anything from building an app to a much more complex system. In addition to developing technical solutions for you, through the Techhub you also get access to our market knowledge and broad contact networks.

Who are you?

You have a business idea that involves a technical solution that you need help with.

Technical help that isn’t ordinary

We at Edument have worked in software development for over nine years with training developers, mentoring and working on major international projects. We know what is required for a technical solution to succeed today, and last for tomorrow. In the autumn of 2018, we opened the doors to our Techhub in the very heart of Helsingborg. A hub that gives us the opportunity to welcome you as an entrepreneur to realize and build your business concept.

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If you have an idea and need technical assistance, contact us!

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