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With our Training card, everyone has the opportunity to buy courses at low rates. Choose between the Bronze, Silver or Gold card, depending on the training your company needs. Our Training card is a cost-effective and safe choice. Purchase a training card from us for your R&D department!

Course daysPricePrice per dayRebate
BRONZE10SEK 59 000SEK 5 90040%
SILVER25SEK 122 500SEK 4 90045%
GOLD50SEK 212 500SEK 4 25050%

We are Sweden's largest manufacturer of software training. We are continuously launching new courses in new technologies, as well as providing workshops and best practice education in the leading technology areas. All our courses are developed in-house, and can be combined.

If you have any questions or would like to buy a Training Card, please contact our Sales team or call us on +46 40 - 61 70 720               

The training card applies to all our scheduled courses.

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