Meet Nelly: tea drinking vegetarian and happy web developer

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Nelly Haglund developer_Edument

Nelly Haglund, web developer at Edument, gets along with (almost) everyone.

The latest addition to Team Edument is also our youngest member. The opportunity to create things from scratch combined with a large portion of curiosity steered her towards web development. Say hi to Nelly Haglund, Trainee web developer at Edument; a self-described happy and positive person who likes solving problems and has a strong disdain for birds.

Not afraid of trying
A few things become clear quite soon upon working in the same office as Nelly. She’s devoted to her work, she’s a vegetarian among quite a few meat lovers (at Edument Helsingborg), and she is not afraid to try things that she believes in.

”When I code I like to try every little thing I think might work. I’m not afraid of trying different solutions. I don’t want to exclude anything; it might prove to be the best solution”, she explains.

Nelly says that tasks may at first seem hopeless but once you start trying different solutions and see progress the feeling is very satisfying.

”What keeps you going is that moment when you’ve climbed a little hill and you start solving the problem”, she explains the appeal of web development.

Back-end more of a challenge
Nelly grew up in the rural town of Teckomatorp, a place you might pass through by train or find on a map slightly to the right of Landskrona. An interest in photography introduced Nelly to HTML and CCS when she wanted a place to showcase her photos.

For someone who has always been creative, Nelly’s problem solving skills are put to good use in her current role as developer.

”I always thought front-end was the most interesting. In school we focused a lot on back-end. Understanding the systems behind what meets the eye I found more of a challenge and, therefore, more fun”, Nelly explains.

Edument is the best place to grow and learn
Nelly has not yet chosen a field she wants to specialize within but does not think it unlikely that the choice may fall on React JS.

”As a student I spent both internship periods at Edument. I was at a larger company in the region for four days but didn’t like it. I wanted to go back to Edument so I did. This is the best place to grow and learn”, she says.

Guys say what they think
Being a woman in a line of work mostly inhabited by men is not something Nelly spends time thinking about. She says she only notices the relative lack of women when she thinks about it. Nelly says she notices a difference in the way male and female developers communicate.

”Guys tend to speak their minds when coding and checking code, whereas girls generally think more before they speak up”, she says.

It is questionable however whether this applies to Nelly herself. As a vegetarian among co-workers who prefer to eat meat, Nelly is a force to be reckoned with at the office.

Gets along with almost everyone
At Edument Nelly is good at adapting to new situations and works well with her co-workers. It’s easy to think she gets along perfectly with everyone. Yet that is not entirely true. A kind of individuals Nelly has a very hard time with are birds.

”I am not friends with birds. I’ve had my hair pulled by a bird, one bird pecked at my leg so I fell down from a tree as a child, and I have been chased by a swan”, she summarizes her infected relationship with the animal.

We are very happy to have Nelly onboard and look forward to seeing her develop her skills with us. And we promise to do what we can to keep her safe from harassing birds.

Connect with Nelly

Nelly’s photography

Nelly’s profile

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