Meet Therése: the problem solving web developer

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Therese Barmer_Edument

Therése Barmer, web developer at Edument.

Therése Barmer has a background in customer service, a fact that hardly surprises anyone talking to her. Open, outgoing and obliging, are adjectives that describe this web developer and new Edument employee very well.

Problem solving is the common denominator
Therése has held a number of different jobs prior to entering the doors of Edument. Previous employers include, among others, a café, a pizzeria and a shop. Understanding customers’ needs and wishes and solving their problems is not new to Therése, and it’s an experience that is likely to come in handy in her new role as Trainee web developer at Edument.

”Customer service is all somehow about problem solving. No days are exactly the same because different problems arise each day. Either a product is out of stock or something else has occurred and it’s your job to solve it”, she explains the overarching theme of her past employments.

The key to understanding
Therése’s dedication to helping others has manifested itself in different forms during the years. When studying, Therése worked part time as a private Maths tutor.

”Everyone can learn to enjoy Maths”, she says and explains; ”it’s all about finding the right key that unlocks your understanding”.

From physics to web development
Born and raised in Helsingborg, Therése left her hometown for Stockholm where she lived for a few years before returning to Skåne to embark on her studies. Maths and the natural sciences are favourite subjects of this customer service specialist. Physics and some practical philosophy was what Therése focused on during her time at Lund university.

”I also had a daughter before finishing my studies”, Therése adds.

At a career fair she began to understand the demand for programming experience among employers. Many of the recruiters she spoke with were looking for people with C++ experience. Therése decided to complete her skills and applied to a 2-year program in .NET development. It was as a student of web development that she met with Edument. The program contained two internship periods and both of them were spent with us.

”The second internship period was definitely the most exciting one. We got to work on a real project for a large customer with clear requests and deadlines”, she explains.

Knitting and working out
Therése is a woman with many interests. When not working in web development, spending time with her family, solving sudoku puzzles, and working out – often in front of the TV with her partner, are all things that keep Therése busy. Knitting is another one of her many hobbies. Perhaps contrary to the age group those interests might indicate, Therése is only in her mid thirties.

We are very happy that Therése has joined us at Edument and look forward to seeing her skills develop with us. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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