Meet Erik Man: mindful teacher and programmer

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Erik Man, teacher and consultant at Edument.

Erik Man, teacher and consultant, when not working.

Since December of 2015 you find this Aikido practitioner at the Edument office in Helsingborg. Explaining complex things in understandable ways inspires and motivates him. It’s fair to say that Erik Man is a rather perfect fit as teacher, consultant, and programmer at Edument.

“I want others to shine”

From picking apart toys as a child to writing his first optimizing compiler at the age of fifteen, Erik has been on a long a quest for understanding things. However, nothing delights him more than being able to share his knowledge in ways that are understandable to other people.

“I think one of my main themes is to take complex things and making them more accessible to others. Whether it is by explaining, creating a tool or making a helper library, doesn’t really matter. I want others to shine”, Erik says.

Development, literally and figuratively, is dear to this previous Senior Software Architect. Teaching helps him stay on top of the game, constantly improving and questioning. Explaining and making complex things if not easy, then at least understandable and interesting, is one of Erik’s strong suits.

Personal development is not just a buzzword

Erik found his way to Edument through the recommendation of a friend who considered him and us a perfect match.

“It’s great to be able to focus on an area of personal interest in my job and develop my skills in that particular area. Personal development is not just a buzzword here, it’s something you are in fact encouraged to spend time on”, he explains and adds:

“I like the idea of feedback cycles; by evaluating my knowledge I can continue to improve, and teaching makes me reflect on my own ability to explain and make knowledge accessible to others”, Erik says.

Contributing to customers’ development

Erik enjoys several parts of the Edument culture, for instance the attitude towards programming — the focus on programming not for the sake of programming but for the applicability and usability of it, that prevails in the company.

“It’s important to keep in mind that what we do, teaching and consulting, is aimed at serving customers and that we, in improving their knowledge of code and programming, are contributing to the development of their products and services”, Erik explains.

The many different tasks in a typical week at Edument is another side to the job that Erik is particularly happy with;

“One day you’re completely devoted to a project, the next day you’re teaching a course, often in a different country. The variety is exciting.”

What is Erik up to?

Erik is currently teaching  C++ for experienced developers and Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing with Microsoft PPL & AMP.

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