Meet Klas Tauberman: designer and Edument consultant

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”Curious, patient and accommodating”. That’s the three words he chooses to describe himself with. He looks forward to getting teaching experience and to start working on transforming the way Edument is perceived. We sat down for a chat with Klas.

Designing our future

We live in a world full of uncertainties. One thing, however, we can be rather certain about. Our visual identity, the presentation of our course material, and our website, are about to change. Our developers can also look forward to being supported with graphic design and the UX/UI perspective in their work. The reason we know this is because we just added a new member to the Edument team; Klas Tauberman. With experience of graphics, visual design, illustration and UX/UI design, he is sure to make a highly visible mark on our communication.

”I look forward to start working on implementing a new design for our website and developing the new visual identity. It’s the first time I get to do that from beginning to end”, Klas says about one of his first projects as an Edument employee.

A friend of CodeBuddy

Klas has previously worked at Malmö-based Tactel as well as at BlackBerry. At BlackBerry he met fellow Edument consultant Stephen Lau. Since late May of 2016 the two of them are colleagues once again. However, Klas was not a complete stranger to Edument when he joined our team. He has, in fact, produced a film for us in the past.

The film is about our CodeBuddy service. A CodeBuddy is a developer that mentors you in your environment and helps you solve your particular problems; a way of learning new skills outside of the traditional classroom environment that has proven very successful.

The Lion King makes him cry

When not by his computer Klas likes to exercise. You won’t find him at the gym, however. This designer prefers using his own body as resistance and is no fan of machines, when it comes to working out, that is. Instead you may find him running in the city of Malmö where he also resides with his family.

”My job is also my hobby”, Klas explains and adds that he always has several ongoing projects that interest him. Klas gives a very calm and collected impression, like there is hardly anything that would unsettle him. When asked if he would like to share anything we don’t know about him, this is what he says:

”The Lion King film makes me cry. I always find it sad when Simba’s father dies.”

We are very happy to have Klas on our team and look forward to developing with him.

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