Meet Stephen: traveller, programmer and teacher

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Stephen Lau having lunch during one of his many travels.

Stephen Lau having lunch during one of his many travels.

Stephen Lau is one of Edument’s experienced teachers and consultants. With a diverse background ranging from the Canadian government, to Firgelli (a company making linear actuators) to BlackBerry, Stephen is no stranger to neither programming nor travelling.

What brought him to Edument?

Stephen is no fan of using popular and strong expressions such as, for example, being ”passionate” about things. He does, however, seem, if not passionate, then at least very keen on travelling.

”As someone who loves to travel it’s fantastic to have a job that allows me to find time to take trips both for work and to take time off to wander”, he explains and adds; ”the flexibility of the company and variety of work are two of the best things about working for Edument.”

When leaving BlackBerry, Stephen was reminded of Edument by some friends who thought it might be an interesting place for him to work. He had initially heard of us in a presentation and when our name came up once again he decided to look into us. Stephen met up with our founders, Acke and Tore, and the rest is history.

”After a few months working here I can say that the flexibility and interest in personal development makes Edument very different from any company I’ve worked with before”, Stephen explains.

What has he been up to lately?

A project for a large customer in China and the preparation of new courses currently take up most of his time. Stephen works closely with the Chinese customer in order to define the product and understand the customer’s needs. Ultimately he and his colleagues are in charge of proposing and implementing the solutions.

Together with Erik Man he has recently written a course on Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing. They also forked the open source reveal.js presentation framework and adapted it for Edument to help us better design and brand our teaching material. This means we can look forward to improvements in our printed course material.

Stephen is also making sure our interns are mentored in a good way and that they are being sufficiently challenged so as to acquire new skills.

We’re very happy to have Stephen on the team and look forward to having him on board for many years to come. On his profile page you find his skills and background listed.

P.S. Stephen is the author of a travel blog. Get a glimpse of his adventures. Follow him on Twitter to make sure you’re up to date with his work and whereabouts.

Take one of Stephen’s courses

Stephen is currently teaching C++ for experienced developers and Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing with Microsoft PPL & AMP in C++.

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