A few Edument C# Master Class updates

August 19, 2014 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

The C# Master Class has been one of our most popular and well-rated courses ever since its advent almost 3 years ago. In that time it has seen a number of tweaks in response to feedback, along with a more serious update when C# 5 was released.




By now, I’ve done dozens of deliveries of the C# Master Class, and it has reached hundreds of developers. It’s been a great journey so far, and it has been especially rewarding to meet some course attendees a few months down the line and hear how the course helped. C# has grown into a larger and richer language than it once was. Some wonder if we really need all these features, but I strongly believe the sum of the features is greater than the features individually, and it’s been wonderful to have an opportunity to share that perspective with so many.

Equally, I’ve been growing and learning too. One of the nice things about working at Edument is that it’s simply OK to spend time learning new things. And after 3 years of the C# Master Class, I felt it was time to incorporate some of that learning back into it. Therefore, this summer, I’ve invested a bunch of time into improving the course. Of note, the OO coverage is now a lot deeper and richer, the parallelism section has been streamlined and refocused, and there’s an awesome new walk-through on implementing the event aggregator pattern from scratch by effectively fusing higher order programming, generic programming, and reflective programming.

There’s one other change I’d like to take a moment to mention. To date, I’ve been the only teacher for the C# Master Class. As our range of courses has grown, along with demand for consulting and mentoring, scheduling enough C# Master Class deliveries to meet demand has become challening. Happily, this summer the course has gained a second teacher. Edument’s Eric Lavesson has been working with me on the course updates, and will now also be teaching the class. Eric has great taste in code, and I know he’ll do a great job of teaching this course. All the same, I’m excited about the latest changes too, and look forward to my next chance to deliver a C# Master Class with them!

By the way, for those who took the C# Master Class and are looking to go further, don’t miss our Parallel and Asynchronous C# 5 course! I’ve had a lot of fun teaching it so far all over Sweden – from Malmö to Skellefteå – and we’ll be offering it some more times this autumn. It’s also available through our partner Glasspaper in Norway too – or anywhere in the world you want it, direct from Edument.

// Jonathan


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