Git teaching in China

March 24, 2014 at 6:39 pm Leave a comment

Lately, we at Edument have been teaching Git in different places around the world. Scandinavia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China. Now it’s time for Shanghai for the second time.

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Different parts of the world feel different to teach to. I for one, look forward to a room full of voraciously interested participants, like I had in Shanghai last time.

In some ways, it feels surprising that we spend so much effort talking about Git, and that there is such a demand for it. After all, Git is just a version control system. We’ve been version controlling stuff for decades. How different can Git be? It’s almost like someone buying a new kind of running shoe, and then spending their days convincing friends and relatives to buy it, too. “Really, you’ve got to give this running shoe a try! It’s awesome.”

Does Git really live up to the hype around it? Yes, we believe so. At Edument, we’ve been relying on Git since the company was founded, and Git operations thread through our work every day. Here are the things that we feel make Git different:

  • Git is built to support fast branching and merging from the ground up
  • Git has a few basic primitives that it uses consistently across the whole system
  • Git is very transparent and open-ended
  • Git allows you to choose your own workflows, tailored to your project
  • Where Git ends, it has various tools — hooks, scripts, custom subcommands — that you can use to make it even more useful for you
  • All of this means that you can focus on your project, not struggle with the version control itself

image of a parkour runner jumping over something

So yes, Git is clearly superior to the previous generation of version control tools we had. And it’s liberating and fun to travel around to various groups and teach this tool that we know has made our own workflows better, and can help make our clients’ lives better too.

Git gives you a certain measure of freedom. Not only is it a light and comfortable running shoe; Git is the running shoe that allows you to run along walls and do crazy jumps between buildings that you wouldn’t even have dared contemplate before.

Hoping to give a progress update by the end of the next week; not just about the week of Git teaching, but also about our future plans with Git courses.


// Carl


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