A course about Angular web development

January 3, 2014 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

Edument now delivers a course about AngularJS. There is a lot going on in the “web applications” niche right now. Many different frameworks and libraries are out-innovating each other and competing for marketshare. AngularJS (or simply “Angular”) is a notable voice in this choir: an open-source project maintained by Google, it is quickly establishing itself as the lead alternative.

Angular is a mix of the new and the old: it introduces an MVC-style subdivision into web development, using so-called “directives” to add new behaviors to a web page. At the same time, it builds things completely on established, well-understood technologies: HTML, DOM, and JavaScript. Whatever else may happen in the web development domain in the future, this fundamental technology stack will be with us for a long time. (One of the slogans of Angular is that it allows you to “extend HTML vocabulary for your application”. New features within HTML5, such as templates, web components and shadow DOM, will work very well with the existing Angular architecture.)

Because there is a lot of innovation in this space right now, AngularJS has a very short release cycle, with one or two (minor) releases every month.

At Edument we like to show important software development techniques and frameworks that we believe in as a company, and Angular is definitely a key player right now with lots of exciting ideas. I can definitely see how a tool like this will benefit people building web applications. It’s been a exciting work to develop the AngularJS course and I look forward to delivering it.

You can read more about Edument’s Angular course on the course page.

// Carl Mäsak
Teacher and developer

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