Announcing our new “Web applications in JavaScript” course

April 30, 2013 at 10:06 am Leave a comment

Edument’s two-day JavaScript course has turned out the be very well-liked. We give it regularly.

But we’re always looking forward and beyond our current course inventory. JavaScript is very popular, and people have different needs. So let us now introduce the course Web applications in JavaScript, which focuses on writing single-page applications.

The web application course starts off where the two-day JavaScript course ends: given JavaScript, let’s now build a whole application! The whole course has a hands-on focus, with practical moments at regular intervals to actually build a web application as we go along.

There are a number of questions to be addressed by a course like this:

  • How can we use the strengths of JavaScript when building a bigger application?
  • How should we think about modularization?
  • What can we use for an MVC-like separation?
  • What can we use for templating?
  • What about data binding?
  • What tools are available for building web apps?
  • How can we debug a web application?
  • How can we test a web application?
  • Given that the industry is moving so fast, how can we build to grow and adapt?

This course tackles these questions, providing alternatives where it matters, but also doesn’t mind being opinionated and suggesting some of them especially.

This is an area where lots of interesting developments are happening right now, and at Edument, we’re proud to now offer a course covering it.

You can read more about the course on our home page.

// Carl

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