Looking forward to our Exploring NoSQL Community Day!

February 11, 2013 at 2:07 pm Leave a comment

In just a week,  it’ll be time for our next Community Day! These events are always a good deal of fun and a also provide a great way to learn some new stuff and get new perspectives. We’ve been fortunate to bring in some excellent speakers over the past Community Days to speak alongside us regulars from Edument, and this time is no exception. Both Greg Young and Rob Ashton have not only used the technologies they’ll discuss, but played a part in building them.

The title of the event this time is Exploring NoSQL. The word “exploring” is important here. In fact, the first title that I proposed for the event was “Polyglot Persistence”. The idea of polyglot persistence is that we embrace using multiple persistence mechanisms in our systems, rather than pretending one approach – today, usually relational – fits all problems in all parts of our domain. While that didn’t end up being the title, it’s still a core value of the event. This is why we’ve got talks on a range of alternative data stores: document databases, graph databases and event store.

It’s not that any one of these options is “the magic answer”, nor is it the case that relational is this old hat thing that we must replace. The relational model has its place too; it’s just over-used and mis-used in places where we have better options. Just as we can build software more effectively by embracing multi-paradigm programming, I believe we can also be more effective by taking advantage of non-relational persistence mechanisms in the places they solve problems.

There’s been plenty of hype around NoSQL – which really means non-relational. My hope is that this community day will be a chance for us to explore some of the alternative data stores out there, understand what they have to offer, and see what problems they can help us to solve. Not because they’re the “in thing”, but because sometimes, they can lead us to better software.




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