Announcing “Modern TDD in .Net”

February 11, 2013 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

Edument is fortunate in having a number of teachers with a great deal of practical software testing experience. And no, we don’t mean testing in the “thing we do after implementation” sense. We mean testing as in Test Driven Development: using tests throughout the development process to aid in design, implementation and refactoring of software.

This new course shows how to apply Test Driven Development in the real world. It doesn’t just show how to write unit tests and make use of techniques such as dependency injection and stub objects. It shows how to write good requirements-focused tests, how these tests can drive the design process, and how a test-driven approach can lead to better factored software. Participants will not only learn the mechanics of writing tests, but gain an understanding of the values that underly TDD.

Come and learn TDD from people who do it just about daily, both in their own personal projects as well as in large, complex systems with tens of thousands of tests. For us, it’s not just a best practice. It’s at the heart of how we reliably deliver working software.



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