Edument’s JavaScript and CSS courses

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Edument keeps adding courses to its repertoire, and Modern web development with JavaScript is one of the recent ones. Among our teachers, we have unique knowledge, not just about web design and application architecture, but also about language design and compiler development. All of this has gone into this course.

JavaScript is a strange beast. It was born in the heat of the browser wars of the 90s, a quirky, hastily designed language. JavaScript is the most unpopular language in the world, because everyone remembers those days, and the pain that came with developing anything in it. At the same time, JavaScript is the most popular language in the world, with more job ads looking for JavaScript developers than for any other kind of developer.

The image of JavaScript in people’s eyes is not fully up-to-date: we still think of it as this under-powered scripting language of the 90s. But it’s not true anymore. JavaScript is growing up. It’s no longer just a scripting language, it’s a programming language. It’s still partly under-powered, but a combination of existing features, new features, and libraries are making up for that in increasingly convenient ways.

The main challenge isn’t the language any more. The main challenge is for a web developer to sift through all of the tutorials on the web to find the good advice, and to separate it from the bad advice. At Edument, we’ve done it for you. We’ve sifted through the tutorials — and believe us, there’s a lot of JavaScript tutorials — and condensed it down to a course that we’re pretty proud to present to you.

As a part of this work, we noticed that there was a need for a separate one-day CSS course to focus on styling the web. Some web developers will want to focus on scripting the web, others on styling it, and some will want to take both courses.

The web stack is immense, and takes time to master. It’s a journey of discovery for every web developer. At Edument, we feel proud to employ our specific expertise to provide you with courses to set you off in the right direction, with useful techniques, tools and best practices.

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