New course – Designing REST based APIs

November 14, 2012 at 10:06 am Leave a comment

In recent years, Edument’s Tore Nestenius has helped a number of clients with building and deploying REST APIs, focusing especially on how to deliver robust services that will survive contact with the real world. Now he has collected his knowledge and experience into a 1-day course named Designing REST based APIs.

After some initial consideration of what APIs are about and what REST is for, the course spends some time on RESTful design and points out various architectural considerations when delivering REST-based services. It also takes some time to work through a wide range of topics that should be considered by any organization that wishes to expose its offerings through a REST API: security, testing, coping with load spikes, monitoring, and supporting API consumers.

The course is best followed up by a workshop day, where the principles and lessons it contains can be discussed in the light of your organization and its specific needs and challenges. This helps ensure that you set off on the right track, and can successfully apply the lessons from the course going forward.

Read more about the course.

Designing REST based APIs

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