Edument’s Modern SOA Course

November 9, 2012 at 10:56 am Leave a comment

One of the most recent additions to our growing collection of courses is Modern Service Oriented Architecture. Researched and developed this year, we’ve worked hard to incorporate the latest thinking and experience in this really very broad area. It’s not a course that offers a set of magic answers – because magic answers don’t exist. Instead, it focuses on important underlying principles, explores how to go about breaking business processes down into services, considers different implementation approaches and stresses the importance of governance.

One problem of building a course on SOA is that you can ask 5 people what it is and get 5 different answers. By 2012 we know some of those answers – such as, “that thing where you factor everything into web services” – are wrong. The confusion goes on as people try to place REST into the picture. Is REST a competitor to SOA? It’s not hard to find that view expressed – and yet seen another way, RESTful systems that actually follow the hypermedia constraint provide us with a powerful way to deliver reliable service-oriented solutions.

There’s no shortage of buzzwords in this area. Buzzwords don’t solve problems. Problems may, however, be tackled by a focus on aligning system boundaries with business functions, making the software autonomous where the business is autonomous, and designing with a real understanding of the way the building blocks work. This course is built to help you understand what these things mean, and offer some insights into how to apply them in the real world.

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We will speak at the ‘We Actually Build Stuff’ conference New course – Designing REST based APIs

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