Edument is growing!

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We’re happy to announce some major events taking place in the near future for Edument.
We’re growing not only skillwise and in being able to provide expertise in several new fields of education and development but we’re also moving to new, bigger office space in the beautiful Sundstorget 5, just a stonethrow away from the central station, where plans are being set up for creating an “in-house” development team consisting of several of our consultants, in addition to our field consultants out on assignments.

In addition to this, the Edument-team is also growing and we’re happy to introduce two new Edumenters, Eric Lavesson and Fredrik Ahlman, both CodeBuddies based in Helsingborg.

They’ve taken the time to take part in a mini-interview for our readers to learn who they are and what they can do. The interviews will be made into a two-part series, where you’ll learn about Eric and in the next blogpost about Fredrik!

Eric Lavesson, 29 years

Computer engineer and consultant

Hello Eric, let’s be blunt. Who are you?!

My name is Eric Lavesson. I’m 29 and live in Eket in Scania with my wife. My interests range from everything to do with computers, to programming to new technology and scientific skepticism, to music, guitarrplaying and building instruments.

Wow..that is a lot..

..I’ve studied to be a teacher at the University in Kristianstad and after that taken a bachelor in science at Mittuniversitetet.

My interest for programming has been there ever since I got my first Atari 600XL many years ago and started making simple programs in BASIC. This led to me starting to develop in C and C++ which in turn has led to other programming languages. During my studies I also took a dive into the world of Linux where I did a lot of developing in Java, and also in the world of Windows where I took on .NET. Lately I’ve decided to specialize in .NET!

Ok Eric..So you’re very ambitious. What did you do before Edument?

Before Edument I worked as a teacher at a gymnasium in Scania. My primary work was in the field of education and I thaught classes in math, physics and computer science. Beside that I’ve also taken part in shorter projects where I developed software under .NET in C# but also took part in work with PHP and MySQL-databases.

Lovely. And what do you think will be your biggest asset in bringing to Edument?

A mixture of educational expertise and technical know-how. Education has always been a big interest for me, I think of it as a receipt showing that you know your field of expertise and that you have the ability to explain it to others as well as you can explain it to yourself.

Lately I’ve taken an interest in more webbased applications and solutions such as REST and configuration of APIs, and that is where I hope I can focus my knowledge on and I hope I’ll be able to contribute in both teaching and in creating new and amazing software!

Alright, sounds interesting! So what attracted you to Edument in the first place?

There are two primary aspects that made me want to join the Edument team. Firstly, the possibility of continuing to develop and get educated. The field we work with is under constant change and for us to be able to provide great consulting and mentorship we need the ability to constantly acquire new knowledge. The second aspect is that Edument differentiates itself from many other constultancy firms in that it allows for a combination of what happens to be my two major points of interest: Education and programming.

Awesome! And do you have any final words?

Yes, it’s gonna be an exciting period ahead. I feel Edument is a company with priorities that coincide great with my own and I look forward to a long relationship!


Stay tuned for part two of this series, with an interview with Fredrik Ahlman!

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