Community Connection 2010 – SQL & .NET

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Informator, Pass Scania och Edument bjuder in till en kostnadsfri heldag om SQL och .NET i Malmö den 10 september. Missa inte Jonathan Worthington, Peter Larsson, Thomas Ivarsson m fl


07.30-08.30 Frukost

08.30-08.40 Introduktion av arrangörerna, Informator, Pass, Edument

08.40-09.25 Keynote: Microsoft introducerar SQL Server 2008 R2.

09.40-10.25 Vanligaste misstagen som utvecklare gör i SQL Server
Peter Larsson (MVP), PASS Scania

Vilka är de vanligaste misstagen utvecklare gör i SQL Server i början? Varför går det inte så snabbt nu längre? Frågorna är många och det finns lyckligtvis några få enkla svar! Vi kommer att gå igenom de vanligaste misstagen och hur man åtgärdar problemen för att få bättre prestanda och säkrare resultat.

  • Översikt
  • Beräkningar på indexerade kolumner
  • Tid- och datumberäkningar
  • Felaktiga datatyper
  • RBAR (Row-By-Agonizing-Row)

10.40-11.25 .Net Data Access: Too many ways to do it?
Jonathan Worthington

Today’s .Net developers have more choice than ever when it comes to data access. To simply select some data from a database, one could use the SqlConnection, SqlCommand and SqlDataReader objects (with an SQL query or through a stored procedure), Linq, Enity Framework (POCO or not) – and that’s before we even consider non-Microsoft offerings, such as NHibernate, or the possibility of generating data access layers from templates and database schemas.

No one of these approaches is right for every application; indeed, applications may legitimately make use of more than one approach. In this talk we’ll look through the strengths and pitfalls of a range of the options, their performance both in terms of development time and execution time, and see what tasks they lend themselves to.

11.40-12.40 Lunch & Mingel

12.40-13.25 SQL CLR

Matt Whitfield (MVP), Atlantis Interactive

CLR integration within SQL Server allows developers and administrators alike to harness the power of the .NET Framework from directly within their databases. This seminar will cover the basics of implementing all types of CLR objects, including types, aggregates, procedures, triggers and functions, as well as showing some examples of how CLR objects have been put to good use.

SQL CLR Overview

  • * Overview of CLR in SQL Server
  • * Explore all types of CLR object
  • * The differences in CLR permission sets
  • * Worked examples of problem-solving with the CLR

13.40-14.25 Execution Plan Basics
Peter Larsson (MVP), PASS Scania

Som utvecklare kan exekveringsplanen i SQL Server vara dötrist, och långtråkig och… och alldeles underbar! I denna session visar vi på hur du kan tyda resultaten i vad som verkar en främmande och krånglig karta och hur du kan dra slutsatser ur resultaten. Vi visar också hur man jämför två queries och ser vilken som är mest effektiv.

14.40-15.25 SQL Azure

15.40-16.25 PowerPivot
Thomas Ivarsson (MVP), PASS Scania

PowerPivot is a new client add in for Excel 2010 and a Sharepoint 2010 Server application that can query extremely large datasets, with millions of rows, with an instant response within a second.

PowerPivot is based on the older Analysis Services archtecture but with a new column based in memory engine called Vertipaq that surpasses all previous limits for Excel clients. In this seminar you will get a general introduction to this new application.

  • * PowerPivot for beginners
  • * What is PowerPivot and why is it important
  • * Data sources supported in PowerPivot
  • * Import data into PowerPivot
  • * What can you do with the new DAX-expressions language for PowerPivot calculations?

Läs mer om eventet och boka nu!

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